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Inscrit(e) le: 01/11/2019
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China Plastic Pallet Mould
Product Description
Product NamePlastic injection pallet mould
FeatureOne time molding, acid and alkali resistant
Application placesWorkshop, warehouse, factory, etc
PriceNo limit
Bottom reinforcement design, durable.Rounded corner design, anti - impact impact.Drop has buffering effect, anti - collision when forklift operation, extend the service life of pallet.
The lamination design greatly reduces the space occupation.The edges and corners are strengthened, the strength is increased, and the deformation is not easy.The color is brilliant. Bottom foot is perforated to prevent seepage.
Tray Maintenance Method
1. Plastic tray should avoid exposure to sunlight, so as not to cause aging and shorten service life.
2. It is forbidden to throw the goods into the plastic tray from a height.Determine how goods are stacked in pallets.The goods are evenly placed. Do not stack them centrally or eccentrically.Pallets for carrying heavy loads should be placed on flat surfaces or surfaces.
3. It is strictly forbidden to drop the plastic tray from the height to avoid the tray breakage and crack caused by violent impact.
4. When working with forklift truck or manual hydraulic truck, the forklift should lean on the outside of the fork hole of the tray as much as possible. The forklift should be fully inserted into the tray, and the Angle can only be changed after lifting the tray smoothly.Prongs should not strike the side of the tray to avoid breakage and crack.
5. When the pallet is on the shelf, the shelf-type tray must be adopted. The bearing capacity is determined according to the shelf structure.
Plastic tray product specifications for reference.Multiple sizes.Customizable size.
Plastic Tray Selection
1. For the occasions with large floor area and mainly horizontal transportation, forklift trucks are suitable to choose single side pallet for handling with manual hydraulic pallet truck.If you need to stack the goods, the bottom of the pallet and the top of the goods below the overlap, the use of double-sided pallet or field bottom type single-sided pallet is better.If you use your own mobile pallet truck, use a nine-legged single-sided pallet with no connecting strip at the bottom.
2. For small area of automatic three-dimensional storage or high shelf, mainly for vertical transport by stacker or electric forklift, single-side shelf tray and double-side shelf tray are available.
3. Double-sided plastic tray refers to the tray with the same structure on both sides, the surface of which is grid-like and plate-like. The two sides can be used interchangeably.
4. If the loading capacity is up to 1T in the stereo storage or shelves, and the shelves are not paved, it is suggested to use the shelf tray with built-in steel pipes.The steel-plastic structure tray with built-in steel tube effectively solves the old problem that the higher the load on the shelf, the higher the product weight and the higher the cost. More importantly, the rigidity of the square steel tube with a wall thickness of 2mm or so can meet the strict requirement that the transverse and longitudinal deflection of the upper shelf are no more than 10mm, while reducing the permanent deformation and reducing the cost.
5. Single-sided plastic tray can only be used on one side, with two kinds of grid-like and plate-like surfaces, including ground dragon forklift truck, with sichuan type, tian type or nine square footpads at the bottom, which can be divided into three kinds of standards: shelf series, standard series and ultralight series according to load capacity and use occasions.6. Choose single pallet or double pallet, according to the corresponding storage, loading, unloading and handling equipment and state to determineChina Plastic Pallet Mould

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